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Ottawa Mortgage Agent Jacqueline Richards 613 224 2982, Ottawa Mortgage Agent, improves relationship with finances for Ottawa Mortgage Rates. Best Canadian Mortgage Rates and Ottawa Mortgages.
Jacqueline Richards helps clients realize their dreams of owning a home by thoroughly understanding their relationship with finances and money. After reviewing and helping hundreds of couples and individuals, Jacqueline found
unbalanced emotional relationships were common to those who have the most problems with money. When the financial part of your life is not in order, it negatively impacts your marriage, your family life and even your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. Let Jacqueline unblock the flow of money by bringing balance back into your life!
Personal finance goes much deeper than money. It’s about behaviour and attitude. It’s about staying motivated and setting goals. It’s about building wealth harmoniously. It’s about finding a healthy balance between spending, saving, and giving. Together we can unblock the flow of money in your life. I can’t promise it will be easy at first, but the results will be invaluable! You will not only get a handle on your finances but everything in your life will begin to flow in the right direction. I choose to provide authentic financial guidance to clients who are ready to take control of their financial destiny.
The mastermind group is a group of like-minded individuals that share a common goal or vision. The phrase was first coined by Napoleon Hill in his ground-breaking work entitled “Think and Grow Rich”. It is a classic for many successful people, who understand that the secret to anything is commitment. A full commitment and belief in what you are doing or want to create. Napoleon described a certain power or “invisible force” that is present whenever a group of people come together to achieve a common goal. If two people come together to discuss an important idea, there is a third mind presence. It was probably the first layman’s description of synergy ever presented to the masses. In this case, synergy, being where the sum of the total is greater than the sum of the individual parts.
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