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Edmonton Mortgage Brokers : Tips To Getting The Best Mortgage Rates | Call 780-457-5785 – Western Direct Financial Mortgages Inc is a mortgage brokerage firm in Edmonton. We work for our clients and not the banks, so we go out there and get the best rates for our clients from banks and other lending institutions. Whether your self-employed, have bad credit, getting a first time home buyers’s loan, we can help. Mortgage Rates For Alberta

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Tel: 780-457-5785 – We often get asked the question by our clients, What can we do to get the best mortgage rate ?

Its a fact that banks work in the best interest of themselves and not the borrower.

On the other hand, A broker is dedicated to their client ONLY, Not the bank.

A broker works with the borrower to package the best possible deal that will be in the best interest of his client.

Once the broker has assessed his client’s situation he or she then goes to work providing his client with a solution that includes their options that will produces the Best Rates!

Because we are not employed by the lending institution, we can seek financing from a chartered bank, satellite bank, trust fund, insurance fund, and a private fund.

Your time is very valuable to you and your family and shopping for a mortgage can be very time consuming, exhausting and damaging to your credit.

As a broker for Western Direct Financial Mortgages we offer you the luxury of time combined with best rate options that do not affect your credit from the comfort of your home.

Today’s mortgage industry can very intimating for many Canadians trying to obtain a mortgage; that’s why it pays to work with a designated mortgage professional.

Whether it is a new first mortgage or a second mortgage to consolidate debt, we are committed to working with you to obtain the best possible solution with the best possible rate.

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